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Sample Itinerary 1

  • Murun town

  • Khuvsgul Lake boat trip

  • Off-road riding

  • Horse trek

  • Reindeer herders

  • Teepee homestay

  • Shaman 

  • Nomadic family

  • Tsagaannuur community



Murun. You will be picked up from the local airport and driven to Khuvsgul Lake or “Blue Pearl”, the country’s deepest lake. It holds 1% of the world’s freshwater reserves and is surrounded by magnificent larch and pine-covered mountains.  

We will go by boat to visit Wish Island on the other side of the lake. 

Afterward, you will relax at the lakeshore and capture a multitude of stars over the blue lake. Stay overnight in ger camp. (Lunch/Dinner) 



After breakfast in the ger camp, you will travel the scenic off-road drive to Tsagaannuur, a rural community located at the boundary of the taiga. The drive will take all day. We will stop for breaks and lunch on the way. Then we will stay overnight in local guesthouse. (B/L/D) 




After breakfast in the guesthouse, you will ride by car for about an hour to the meeting place with our local horse wranglers. Reindeer herders from the taiga, they will take your luggage and all of us by horse to their settlement. The horse ride will take most of the day to get to camp if the weather is good, but if it gets rainy or muddy we might have to camp overnight on the way. The length of time also depends on whether the nomadic herders are in their spring or summer settlement.

While in the taiga, you will observe and participate in daily reindeer activities like herding, milking, and, hopefully, riding a reindeer.

Shamanism, the oldest religious belief system, is still practiced by the Dukha community. It has guided their lives for thousands of years. You will meet a shaman and, depending on the time of the lunar month, might receive guidance from one yourself. 

We will cook traditional meals for you. If you are a vegetarian or have food allergies, you will need to make arrangements for carrying your food. Traditional food includes flour, meat, and milk. Few, if any, vegetables.




Return by horseback. Continue in the vehicle to Tsagaannuur. You can try swimming in the cold waters of the lake if you are brave. 


Stay overnight in local guesthouse. (B/L/D) 




After leisurely breakfast explore the town on foot, perhaps visiting the school dormitory, where Dukha reindeer herder children can stay while attending high school. You will visit a nomadic family where you can learn milking and how to make dairy products.  For dinner we will eat famous local white fish, cooked by a famous cook, Anuka’s mum. 


It is time to head back with the car. The ride will seem very comfortable after your adventures, especially when we reach a paved road. Spend the night in a hotel. (B/L/D) 


Transfer to the airport  (B)

We hope you will leave with a collection of beautiful memories in your mind and unique photos captured with your camera.  



Anuka, your guide and translator
Baagii, your driver 
Sample Itinerary 2
Horse trek in North Mongolia

Join this horse riding holiday in Khuvsgul Lake, the blue pearl of Mongolia. You will ride a strong Mongolian horse and explore the Taiga region. While you ride, there are many chances to experience mountains, rivers, steppes, and forests. The guide will choose the perfect location for camping for you to rest in the beautiful wilderness of northern Mongolia.

The trip starts in Ulaanbaatar by car or plane to Murun, capital of Khuvsgul province, and takes a flight or drives out to northern Mongolia and visit truly amazing scenery and authentic nomadic culture.

There will be one or two days when it is likely that the road will be impassable for the vehicle and, instead, we will resort to the stalwart Mongolian pack horse to carry our luggage. This once in a lifetime ride will take you across 3000 meter high mountains, along the shores of the famed lake Khovsgul and up to meet the Reindeer herder - the last surviving truly nomadic Reindeer tribe on the planet. We will be spending a full day relaxing with the Tsataan People and getting a chance to see their life up close and personal.

Most days will include 5-6 hours of riding with ample time for rest breaks, photography or just relaxing.

We are ready to help you collect new experiences, take amazing photos, and experience our unique culture during your northern Mongolian adventure. We will be happy to help you plan a trip based on your requirements and wishes. 

Price 3500 USD​ including- horse, guide, safety equipment, 3 meals and 2 snacks /day, coffee, tea & water, (alcohol extra) accommodation based on shared occupancy (tent & teepee) and return transfer to Ulaanbaatar (vehicle) as well as airport transfer from UB.


​ Return transfer from Moron to Ulaanbaatar via air available at an extra charge.


Trek Itinerary

Day 1 & 2 - Head to Khatgal, Khuvsgul from Ulaanbaatar by car

Day  3 - Starting horse trek  (Forest and Lake Side)

Day 4 - Ride to Jigleg (Mountainous and marshy area)

Day 5 - Ride to continue (Riverside and Steppe)

Day 6 - Ride to Songinot  (Mostly hills and Steppe)

Day 7 - Ride to Renchinlumbe (Steppe side)

Day 8 - Ride to Sharga Taiga  and high mountain pass Arrive at the Tsaatan  People’s Camp - Spend the night in a teepee 

Day 9 - Stay in Tsaatan area (Reindeer herders area)

Day 10 - Leave Tsaatan area - returning the same road we entered

Day 11 - Ride to Tsagaan nuur village

Day 12  - Stay close to  Tsagaannuur lake (white lake)

Day 13 - Ride to Khoridol Saridag (Great Mountainous area)

Day 14 - Ride to Jankhai 

Day 15 - Last day of horse trek (Close to Khatgal) 

Day 16 - Head from Murun to Ulaanbaatar  (car transport or internal flight depending on availability)


​Return transfer from Moron to Ulaanbaatar via air available at an extra charge.


We hope you will leave with a collection of beautiful memories in your mind and unique photos captured with your camera. 


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