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Anuka and Baggii of Reindeer Tours are a full service team. Anuka translates and guides the horses. Baggii drives the car and works as a wrangler. I have been traveling to the taiga for 16 years with various guides and translators. I highly recommend these two. They work beautifully together to give a safe, smooth trip whether in  the car or on horses. Since Anuka grew up in the hospitality business in Tsagaannuur, she knows the cultures of the Dukha, Westerners, and Mongolians and makes everyone feel comfortable. 

— Sas Carey, USA

"Anuka and the entire team were amazing. I learned so much about the culture. It was the adventure of a lifetime!

— Jen Schweppe, USA

The trip with Anuka was just great! She is very sweet and professional. She was my guide and interpreter during my trip in the North of Mongolia. Even if the journey to reach the community of Tsaatan people was very difficult, she was always ready to help with a smile and she was constantly checking on me and make sure we were I was fine and safe. She was always replying to all my questions and requests. I loved spent time with her and I definitely reccomand her to all the people that want to visit Mongolia.

Anuka was a fantastic tour guide; informative, organised and friendly. I had been looking forward to the reindeer tour for months and it did not disappoint! I feel I got to enjoy an authentic experience that still holds vivid memories for me even today and I felt in very safe hands with Anuka who worked hard to ensure I had an exciting and adventurous experience. I would thoroughly recommend Anuka and I hope that I get to revisit Mongolia and see her again one day.

Anuka made our trip to Mongolia really special. She is a fantastic guide and has good contacts with the local people. She is also a very easy person to travel with and flexible in making travel plans. I would not hesitate to book travel again with her as a guide.

This is great You can have a look on our blog in the « Mongolia » part because we have made a lot of reviews and post lots of pictures about you and our trip with you...
We wish you all the best for your project


warm regards to your family and your baby

Hi. My name is Josette Harris and i took a tour in Mongolia in July 2016 with Anuka. We took a trip to the Tsataan village , a reindeer tribe living in north Mongolia. It was one of the most incredible experiences I have had. Anuka was amazing and became more of a friend to us than just a tour guide. We actually stayed in her village on the way and met her family, which was a lovely experience. Anuka clearly knew all the local people we met well, and we were invited into their teepee tents And they talked to us about their life there. She had a perfect balance between organizing many things for us and being very respectful to the local people we met. Anuka was also great on the horse riding part of the journey as this was a long day through tough terrain. She was a brilliant translator and taught us lot about life, culture and people in Mongolia. We also had a wonderful time at the Nadaam festival and it was so fun hanging out with Anuka there. I learnt so much about Mongolian culture on Anuka's tour , just by her showing us so much and spending time with her doing all the incredible things we did. She was so gentle , funny and informative. I would totally recommend to take her tour. This kind of experience can't be provided by foreign companies as they just won't have anywhere as near knowledge and experience to offer as Anuka. It's lovely we are still in touch on Facebook. I enjoy seeing all her updates. If you take this tour you won't regret it . And you may just make a friend for life , as I did.

Amazing Anuka , The trip was well managed by her... which involve... private transport (historical Russian van), Horse riding, reindeer ride, food (including vegetarian), accommodation in the resort, home stay and Teepee... Anuka very well knowledge on Tsaatan culture, tradition and Language because she is local girl from Northern Mongolia... she grow up over there... In the open Northern Mongolian grassland, or in the Mountain range or in the Jungle to collect wild blue berry, pine nut.... you no need to worry.... Anuka Geographical knowledge around the terrain unquestionable.. By the way you take note your Phone GPS and Google map not yet ready over there.... even its ready... such open Mongolian grassland it difficult for you to find landmark to with Anuka, you will have worry free trip. Anuka's loving care for the Tsaatan community is very touching.... she look after their medical and financial needs. as much as she can, she doing for them... all over the year.... Anuka knowledge on Northern Mongolia history make your trip interesting and well worth it... with her, Not just visiting the place in the present, she will bring you time travel through history Traveling with Anuka like traveling with family member.... Anuka not just family member to traveller, she is family member to Tsaatan community, one of them...…. on top of that...... Anuka's care about Nature, looking after Environment amazing.... simply a Girl who represent future of Mongolia.... from Dwi do you like to post photos on Instagram / facebook? follow Anuka, she knows the hidden Gems, photography locations in the beautiful Northern Mongolia Beside that she is an experienced person in perfect photo/video taking...while riding on horse like, true Mongolian horse riding archers As a lady travelling with Anuka, like travelling with sister / close friend, help out washing hair like family member, while in outdoor with Tsaatan community from Adala are you vegetarian? yeah, you no need to worried when you travelling with Anuka... she will make arrangement for vegetarian food...... if not able to get vegetarian food, Anuka will cook for you tasty and healthy food..... so, you won't go hungry. by the way i am full time vegetarian.... Jaa....... Sain baina uu..........Beakfast ready....... even after return from trip.... Anuka firm voice still ringing in our ears....

My friends and I went on a wonderful tour to the Northern part of Mongolia. The land were the reindeer people live. Anuka was our tour guide. She is born and raised in Tsagaannuur and has an incredible beautiful love for her people, the landscape and the animals. Next to that she speaks AMAZING English, we were stunned by her English and this made the trip so much more valuable. She could tell amazing stories about the history of the landscape and the people, she translated for us while we stayed with the reindeer herders so we could listen to their stories. In addition, during the trip we decided that we loved it so much that we would like to stay longer. This was no problem and Anuka smoothly reorganised everything. We even got the chance to meet her own family and she brought us to Nadaam festival in her village. To experience this festival with her family and friends made it a unique experience that I will never forget! She also quickly figured out our love for fast horses, so she made sure we had wonderful horses to ride and after the Nadaam festival we even got to race over steppe ourselves.

Anuka thousand times thanks for making our trip an incredible experience! You became a truly very good friend to us!

Here is the text we wrote: Anuka was our guide during the visit at the reindeer people and she couldn’t have been better. She is gentle and well prepared, and she cares a lot about the traveller’s needs. She cooked every meal for us with the love she’d used for a family member, and she arranged the best solutions even in harsh situations. She even tried to teach us some mongolian words! But most of all, she has a close relationship with the Tsaatan, being friend with most of them: thanks to her, her advices and her collaborators, also very nice persons, we felt at home between the reindeer people (in a place we didn’t think we could’ve felt like home). You can’t ask for a better guide. Super recommended! Lorenzo & Veronica

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