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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why did you choose tourism?

My parents started running a guesthouse in Tsagaannuur, when I was a child.  We saw our first people of color. I liked to tell them about my hometown, wash their clothes, and cook for them because they shared many things that were new to me.  Until 2009 there was no electricity and life was closed for us. I decided to learn English in Ulaanbaatar then study tourism because of my initial curiosity about travelers and the love of my country and culture. 


2. What did you do after your graduation?


I cooked for tourists for the first few years. Since 2013, I have spent as a tour guide always working for a tour agency. I studied many things about tourism.  Students from my village followed my lead because they learned that it’s possible for village girls to be guides; to learn English and to give tours. 

3. Why would someone would want to choose your tour?


Since I have lived in Tsagaannuur and attended the local schools with taiga people my age, I have long-term connections with local nomadic people. I care about the environment, respect the local culture, know about the Mongolian grasslands, and how to protect the way of life. For example, I have been working on the trash issue in taiga with a tour agency.



4. How does this benefit local people?


Whenever I bring a tourist to the taiga, my practice is to rent horses and reindeer from Dukha families and stay with a different family, by taking turns during each trip. My goal is to support all the nomadic families. This means that it is possible for every nomadic family to benefit from tourism. Then the wealth can be shared among themselves, which I feel important for their cohesion.



5. How do see your future?


I want to develop tourism in northern Mongolia for the next ten to twenty years  by creating and implementing sustainable tourism. 


Help keep the unique reindeer herder culture as it is, from the influence of exploitive tourism and the materialistic world.  


Improve the herder’s well being by improving medical facilities and care for nomad families. 


Support every family by sharing the benefits of sustainable tourism.


Keep the beautiful scenery free of pollution for the next generation.


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